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Welcome everyone!

Kevin and I met at Willamette Valley Vineyards in August 2019, through a blind date. We have been together ever since, culminating in a wedding in October 2020.

I thank Cynthia for serving in the Air Force in the past, we LOVE our Veterans.

As working Realtors when we met, one of the great attractions was our love of Integrity and Real Estate. This translates to: “How can we be the best possible Realtors?" How amazing is that, to share a passion we can embrace together everyday?

We then went on a search for our perfect brokerage and found Premiere Property Group, who was opening their first office in Salem 2018/2019! Our CEO is the president of the Oregon Realtors Association.

What we love about Real Estate is the ability to customize our customer service to the client. Our goal is to provide an exceptional Real Estate experience to both Buyers & Sellers. No two clients are the same and few houses are identical; therefore, every situation is unique. Treating every client and home as unique and deserving of our best effort brings us deep satisfaction.

Thank you in advance for the opportunity to serve you!

Cindy and Kevin

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